All-On-Four Dental Implants: What You Should Know

If you have multiple missing teeth and are considering dentures, you should first think about your alternatives. It is possible to replace all of the teeth in your top or bottom arch with minimal work and a procedure that is completed in just one day. Here is more information about the revolutionary all-on-four dental implant procedure. What are all-on-four dental implants? All-on-four dental implants allow you to replace all teeth on your arch with just four dental implants.

Three Precautions To Observe While Preparing For LASIK Surgery

Laser eye surgery, commonly known as LASIK, is one of the best ways of reshaping a deformed cornea to improve vision. Although it has a relatively high rate of success (about 95%), you still need to do your part to ensure that this is the case. For example, there are precautions that increase your rate of success. Here are three examples of these precautions: Keep Off Contact Lenses Your surgeon should operate on your cornea in its natural state.

Prevention And Treatment Tips For Scars

Scars can have a major effect on your self confidence, especially if they are on an exposed area of skin, such as the face or neck. Not only do scars affect your appearance, they can also cause pain or limit your range of motion. This guide can help you minimize scarring from recent injuries and provide you with necessary information on the cosmetic repair options available for the different types of scars.

Summer Hearing Aid Battery Care

Hearing aid batteries are sensitive to changes in moisture and temperature. In other words, they behave differently when the seasons change. Understanding these differences and knowing what you can do about them will help you prolong your hearing aid's battery life this summer and ensure that you have functioning hearing aids when you need them. Hearing Aids, Heat and Humidity Your hearing aid batteries will function less well in high temperatures and humid environments.

Learn Three Signs That A Child Has Been Molested

Victims of molestation are often molested without their parents having any idea that the molestation is taking place. It is important to take the time to know how to spot the signs of molestation so that you can get your child the help that they need as soon as possible to begin the healing process. Use the following guide to help you learn there signs of molestation. Bed Wetting Starts Randomly