Learn Three Signs That A Child Has Been Molested

Victims of molestation are often molested without their parents having any idea that the molestation is taking place. It is important to take the time to know how to spot the signs of molestation so that you can get your child the help that they need as soon as possible to begin the healing process. Use the following guide to help you learn there signs of molestation.

Bed Wetting Starts Randomly

When a child has been molested, he or she often begins to wet the bed. There are many different reasons why this change may take place. The child may be having nightmares that cause them to have the accidents. When a child is molested, their body may develop a bladder or urinary tract infection that causes them to not be able to hold their urine for extended periods of time or that causes it to be painful for them to urinate.  

A Change in Demeanor

If you notice that your child starts to act out or behave in a way that is completely unlike their usual demeanor, they may have been molested. When a child is molested, they may feel that they are not safe or that you failed to protect them when they needed it. This could cause them to become angry and act aggressively toward you.

Decrease in Appetite

When children are molested, they often worry and wonder if it is going to happen again. They also worry about someone finding out about the molestation if they were told to keep it a secret. This stress can often cause your child to feel nauseous and be unable to eat as much or as often as they normally would. If you notice that your child is eating far less than normal, it should raise a red flag and cause you to question things.

If you think that your child has been a victim of molestation, you need to take them to the doctor to be checked out. If the doctor determines something may have happened, contact the police right away and file a report. You will then need to take your child to a counselor so that they can get the care that they need to handle the emotions that they are experiencing. A child needs to know that they are safe and protected at all times. If your child has been molested, knowing that you are willing to fight for their well-being will help them know that they are loved and you will do everything you can to keep them safe.

To find a counselor for your child, contact a facility such as the Living Hope Clinic.