Summer Hearing Aid Battery Care

Hearing aid batteries are sensitive to changes in moisture and temperature. In other words, they behave differently when the seasons change. Understanding these differences and knowing what you can do about them will help you prolong your hearing aid's battery life this summer and ensure that you have functioning hearing aids when you need them.

Hearing Aids, Heat and Humidity

Your hearing aid batteries will function less well in high temperatures and humid environments. During the summer months, you will need to take special precautions to ensure that your hearing aids keep working.

Take Off Your Hearing Aids in Wet Places

Take off your hearing aid when going to pools and the beach. If you enjoy cooling off with a cold shower in the afternoons during summer, leave a note on your bathroom mirror reminding yourself to take out your hearing aid before you get in.

Avoid Putting Sunblock Near Your Hearing Aids

Sunblock contains oils that can damage your hearing aids. Avoid rubbing in sunblock on the area around and inside your ear. Remember that rolling sweat can cause the sunblock to roll down into areas where you didn't apply it, so be careful whenever putting sunblock on your head. If you need to protect your ears from the sun, use a hat for shade.

Avoid Storing Your Hearing Aid in a Sunny or Humid Location

There are two places that you should never store your hearing aid: near east-facing windows and bathroom counters. If your nightstand is near an east-facing window that is exposed to direct sunlight in the mornings, keep your hearing aid in a different location. Put it in a drawer or somewhere else where it can stay cool and dry.

In addition, never leave your hearing aid on the counter in the bathroom. Bathrooms are naturally humid environments, and even if your bathroom has no shower or bathtub, the countertop is still likely to become wet when people use the sink.

Carry An Umbrella and Waterproof Rain Hat

Summer storms can come up at any time, and if you're unprepared, your hearing aid battery could be damaged or ruined. Carry an umbrella in your car or on your person at all times. In addition, carry a fold-down rain repellent hat in your purse or in your pocket to ensure that you always have protection from rain, should it arise.

For more information, contact Cape May County Hearing Aid Dispensary or a similar location.