Suggestions For Alternative Pain Therapies To Try

Are you a busy executive? Does your job leave you with lots of stress-related aches and pains, even though you work at a desk? If you've been to your doctor, he or she has probably given you a variety of prescriptions to try. If you've found that some of these pills don't work, while others are too strong, you're probably interested in trying some alternative forms of treatment. Here are some suggestions on different types of things to try:

2 Tips For Choosing An IV Pole For Travel

Traveling with a standard IV pole can quickly become tiresome to do. Standard IV poles are constructed for use inside of a hospital or home. These poles are not designed to move easily from one long distance destination to the next. Taking apart a standard IV pole often involves a number of screws. If you are short on time, this can be difficult to do. In addition, you have to keep track of all of the screws and bolts in order to ensure that you are able to reassemble the Iv pole when you get to your destination.

Dealing With A Hearing Loss Problem

If you are finding it difficult to hear people when they speak to you, and they sound as if they are speaking in hushed, muffled tones, you will want to take steps in finding out why. In many cases, muffled sounds can be a symptom associated with permanent hearing loss. Here are some steps you should take in getting a diagnosis, solving your hearing troubles, and how to protect the hearing you still have.

Fluorosis Stains: When The Cosmetic Answer Is Less Fluoride And More Of Something Else

Fluorosis occurs when children are exposed to too much fluoride too early in life. Well-meaning parents may not have received the message that infant gums and teeth should not be brushed with a fluoridated toothpaste, and that fluoridated water should not be a regular part of their children's diets regardless of how it gets into their children's bodies. The mottling effect of fluorosis can be fixed by a good cosmetic dentist, but the answer is not more fluoride.

2 Things To Know Before Purchasing Hearing Aids

If you don't hear as well as you used to, or you've suffered from hearing loss your entire life, you may need to rely on hearing aids. This is an effective device that will assist you in being able to hear well. It's ideal to know specific things about hearing aids if you need to make this medical device purchase.   The costs One of the first things you may be interested in is the cost of hearing aids.