Suggestions For Alternative Pain Therapies To Try

Are you a busy executive? Does your job leave you with lots of stress-related aches and pains, even though you work at a desk? If you've been to your doctor, he or she has probably given you a variety of prescriptions to try. If you've found that some of these pills don't work, while others are too strong, you're probably interested in trying some alternative forms of treatment. Here are some suggestions on different types of things to try:

Pedicure with massage: According to reflexology, the body's ailments can be cured by manipulation of the feet, hands and ears. Pain therapy in reflexology often consists of applying pressure to specific parts of the foot, in an attempt to cure whatever is wrong. Whether or not you believe that reflexology is actually true, having aching feet can sometimes make other parts of your body sore. If you're wearing uncomfortable dress shoes to your business meetings, you may unconsciously adopt a slightly unnatural walk, due to discomfort. You might not even consciously realize what you're doing and you may stop noticing that your feet are uncomfortable, you just know that your back and shoulders ache. A good foot massage may be able to make a world of difference in your daily life.

Facial: Stress can sometimes cause adult acne, which can result in more stress and more acne. When you're meeting with clients every day, you want to look your best and not have acne on your face. Although facials are often viewed as something for women only, men can also benefit from a good facial. While facials aren't directly related to traditional types of pain therapy, regular facials may be able to help eliminate some stress-related tension headaches. Because you're not having to worry about whether your potential clients are listening to your spiel or focusing on your acne, your stress levels may go down and your tension headaches can subside.

Deep tissue massage: If you suffer from stiff and aching shoulders, you may have already tried a massage as a form of pain therapy. But if you felt little to no relief, you may not have realized that you might have gotten the wrong type of massage. There are three main types of massage; the most common one when you get "a massage" is called Swedish massage. While this is good for many types of minor aches and pains, it doesn't always get everything. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, may be able to help reduce certain types of inflammation or correct poor posture. If you suffer from certain types of chronic pain, deep tissue massage may be able to help you find relief.

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