Is Nonsurgical Medical Weight Loss A Good Idea?

Weight loss is different for each person. Some people have an easy time losing 50 pounds, but the last 10 pounds are difficult. In other cases, losing even one pound makes a difference. You may have already considered bariatric surgery, but what about nonsurgical medical weight loss services? Why Choose Medical Weight Loss? Medical weight loss options allow you to lose weight effectively and safely by eliminating food habits that could be harmful.

Physical Therapy May Help Those With Coronavirus-Related Lung Damage Learn How To Cope

As COVID-19 spreads and impacts more and more lives, the long-lasting side effects of this disease are becoming more apparent. For example, many people who experience this condition may develop lung damage that may permanently affect their health. As a result, they may need physical therapy to attempt to regain some of their lung strength or to learn how to cope with these changes. Coronavirus-Related Lung Damage Is a Real Problem

How COVID-19 Testing Helps In The Fight For A Vaccine

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is going to hinge on finding a vaccine that stops people from getting this disease. Even if the vaccine isn't permanent, if enough people are immune, the spread can slow and various treatments can help. Thankfully, there are many ways that people can help out in this fight by getting a COVID-19 test to see if they can donate to these trials. COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Need Plasma

Beyond Rescue Inhalers: Other Asthma Treatments To Explore

Often when you are diagnosed with mild to moderate asthma, your doctor sends you home with a rescue inhaler to use when you have an attack. This works in that it keeps your airways from closing any further when you do start struggling to breathe. But in the long term, you will also want to look into asthma treatments that focus on preventing attacks in the first place. Here are a few of those treatments.

3 Tips To Help You Recover From Spine Surgery

Whether you have suffered a serious injury or you have been suffering from chronic and debilitating back pain, spine surgery may be necessary. Spine surgery is a major surgical procedure, and the recovery period can depend on the type of spine surgery that you need. Many people who undergo spine surgery have very good outcomes, but you will need to be patient while you heal and recover. Understanding the recovery process and knowing what to expect can be very helpful.