Get Help For These Four Foot And Ankle Issues

Healthy feet can allow you to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Fortunately, foot and ankle doctors are available to help people keep their feet and ankles in good condition. These are four issues that a foot and ankle doctor can treat:

1. Foot Pain

It's normal to have sore feet after a long day of standing or walking. However, if you experience chronic pain in your feet, it's worthwhile to schedule an appointment with a specialist. Podiatrists can examine the shape and structure of your feet to determine whether or not genetic factors play a role in your foot pain. Your doctor may also ask you to stand, walk, and jump so they can observe your body mechanics in motion.

Problems like fallen arches, pigeon toes, and injuries can all cause foot pain. Foot and ankle doctors can prescribe treatments to relieve your symptoms and their causes. For instance, some people may benefit from wearing orthotics in their shoes to support their feet. Orthopedic shoes can cushion sensitive feet and encourage proper walking and running mechanics.

2. Ankle Pain

Podiatrists can also diagnose and treat ankle problems in addition to foot problems. Achilles tendonitis is a common ankle injury that affects people who work on their feet. It can also affect athletes, such as runners. A foot and ankle doctor can determine whether or not your ankle pain is due to tendonitis, a sprain, or even a broken ankle. After receiving a diagnosis, you may be advised to rest or wear a brace to allow your ankle to heal. If your ankle is broken, you may be given a splint to immobilize your foot and ankle while your bone is allowed to heal.

3. Growths And Bunions

Foot and ankle doctors can help patients leave the pain and embarrassment of bunions and foot growths behind. If you suffer from foot warts, a podiatrist can remove them using safe methods, such as liquid nitrogen. Bunions that cause pain can also be corrected using surgery. Bunion surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure, which means that patients will be conscious but anesthetized for a faster recovery.

4. Infections

Your feet are susceptible to infections, just like other parts of your body. Infections can affect your toes, toenails, and the skin of your feet. Athlete's foot is a common infection that can be caused by fungus. People with athlete's foot may suffer from a burning or itching sensation. Fortunately, your doctor can prescribe a fungicide to eliminate this problem. Antibiotics may also be indicated to relieve common bacterial infections.

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