Everything You Need to Know About Getting Stem Cell Therapy for the Knees

Research into medical care has shifted into regenerative treatments for conditions that cause chronic pain from disability. One of the most common complaints among the older generation is pain in the joints, especially the knees. Sometimes it comes from inflammation, but other times, it could result from a medical condition such as arthritis. 

An effective treatment option you might want to consider is stem cell therapy. This technique helps to regenerate the injured muscle. Besides that, it is an effective pain management treatment that quickly eliminates chronic pain. Here is what you should know about the treatment.

The Treatable Knee Conditions 

Some conditions where regenerative therapy is applicable include degenerated cartilage in the knees and osteoarthritis. This therapy also helps in the repair of torn tendons and meniscus. 

Usually, this treatment speeds up the rate at which the damaged muscles heal. Aside from that, it will help to regenerate new tissue on your knees if you have a degenerative illness. Therefore, stem cell therapy has become a simple remedy for these conditions.

The Treatment Process

Many patients tend to think that this procedure is complicated and requires major surgery due to its name. However, physicians use simple and less invasive ways to introduce stem cells into the injured region. Sometimes, they can get the cells from your body. Using technology to harvest-ready cells eliminates the demand for embryonic stem cell variants for the process. 

Usually, the doctor removes the cells and injects them into the injured knee joint on the same day. Additionally, they will inject supporting biological agents into the spot to ensure a good outcome. But you might need to make several visits to your therapy center for follow-up treatment.

The Recovery Timelines

The speed of recovery for stem cell therapy depends on your level of knee damage. Typically, the physician will give a series of injections over a long period. Luckily, the treatment has fast turnaround and recovery timelines, and fewer side effects. 

It is advisable to discuss the success rate with your physician. While no medication works perfectly at all times, you can expect excellent results when working with an experienced doctor. Your success also depends on how well you follow the recovery guidelines.

Healing from chronic knee pain is possible with stem cell therapy. In addition to the information above, discuss the procedure with your physician to learn more about it (ask about "knee pain stem cell treatment"). They will guide you through the process and ensure that you make a fast recovery.