The Advantages Of Using Curette Retipping In Your Hygienist Career

As a professional dental hygienist, you are expected to maintain high-quality instruments to provide safe and reliable patient care. Even so, the instruments that you have on hand are not designed to last forever. At some point, they will need to be serviced to keep them safe and effective to use.

Instead of buying brand new ones, which can cost more money than you want to pay out right now, you can have them repurposed. You can start by using professional curette retipping on your dental care instruments.

Extending Instrument Life

Curette retipping is designed to extend the life of the instruments that you use as a dental hygienist. The tips of these instruments may wear out after so many months or years of use. They then become ineffective and unsafe to use on patients.

Instead of throwing them out and having to buy new ones, you can use curette retipping to extend their life. This service replaces the tips of your instruments and spares you from having to throw out their handles. You can continue to use instruments that you are familiar with and feel at ease using on patients' mouths. 

Lowering Cost

Curette retipping is also more cost-effective than buying brand new dental hygienist equipment. New equipment can cost hundreds of dollars more than the cost of curette retipping. You may be expected to meet some or all of these costs out of your own pocket.

Instead of paying out that kind of money, you can use curette retipping to repurpose the instruments. The cost of this service is lower than the purchase price of new instruments. You avoid spending money you may not want to pay out right now or may not even be able to afford on your current salary.

Increasing Versatility

Finally, curette retipping can be used on a variety of brands that make dental hygienist instruments. You can use it on instruments that are made by well-known brands and lesser-known brands alike. You can also use it on a variety of equipment, ensuring that most or all of your instruments are always ready to use on patients.

Curette retipping offers a number of benefits to dental hygienists like you. It extends the life of the equipment that you need to use for patient care. It also costs less money and can be used on a variety of instruments made by varieties of brands.