The Benefits Of Getting Medical Help Through A Direct Primary Care Network

Your health is of course something that should be of the utmost importance to you, and yet it's also something that can sometimes be overlooked until you actually get sick. It doesn't help matters that health insurance policies can be quite expensive or complicated to understand. That's why more and more people today are looking into the benefits of joining a direct primary care network. Here's what this type of network entails and why it might be a good idea for you to join.

Remove the Insurance Middle Man

People who have traditional health insurance might see a primary care provider who is recommended or required by the health insurance provider, and then the care provider bills the health insurance company for the services rendered. Your health insurance will then send you a bill for anything it doesn't cover.

When you switch to a direct primary care network, you cut out the insurance middle man. Direct primary care doctors work directly with patients, and this can offer a number of benefits.

Easier-to-Understand Terms

A direct primary care provider will still ask you to pay a monthly fee or a fee per visit, but the fine print tends to be a whole lot more black and white. There aren't confusing coinsurance percentages to try and calculate because there's no insurance company involved. You'll still be paying a fee on a regular basis for the right to stay in the network, but you'll also know exactly what you are getting for that money. This will typically include the right to a quick appointment when you need a checkup or have another medical issue that you need a doctor to look at.

Ideal for Those Who Are in Good Health

When you sign up for a typical health insurance plan, there are all kinds of fine print related to things like drug prescriptions, emergency room visits, specialist visits and so on. But if you are younger or generally in excellent health, you may not end up needing any services beyond a yearly checkup or two. By switching to a direct primary care network, you can still get in touch with a doctor on a regular basis for your yearly health exam or to address an issue that comes up, but you won't be paying extra for lots of services that you might never need.

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