Physical Therapy May Help Those With Coronavirus-Related Lung Damage Learn How To Cope

As COVID-19 spreads and impacts more and more lives, the long-lasting side effects of this disease are becoming more apparent. For example, many people who experience this condition may develop lung damage that may permanently affect their health. As a result, they may need physical therapy to attempt to regain some of their lung strength or to learn how to cope with these changes.

Coronavirus-Related Lung Damage Is a Real Problem

Reports from doctors treating those affecting by COVID-19 are showing that many with severe symptoms are experiencing permanent lung damage that impacts how well a person breathes, the effectiveness of oxygen absorption, and more. Damage of this type has been reported even in very young individuals and may become a real pandemic years after this disease is manageable.

This health issue is very problematic because it can impact people well beyond their infection with COVID-19 and will last for the rest of their lives. Some of this damage may even become worse if they are exposed to other types of health issues, making it critical for those in this situation to find a way to cope with this problem. Thankfully, some types of physical therapy may help with some types of lung-related damage.

How Physical Therapy Can Help

While physical therapy cannot stop or reverse the progression of coronavirus-related lung damage, it can help a person learn to live with it. For example, many types of physical therapy focus on increasing lung strength via various types of careful movements and manipulations of the body. These routines can help a person cope with decreased lung capacity by making their overall body stronger and their lungs as capable as possible.

These methods can also be used at home when a person experiences struggles related to their lung damage. For example, some types of breathing methods taught by physical therapists may make it easier for them to walk up tall flights of stairs at home, giving them the best chance of handling this difficult demand. Just as importantly, it can create a better overall level of physical health for them by making their breathing more even.

Thankfully, there are many physical therapy health centers available that can provide this type of treatment with minimal difficulty. Going to these treatment facilities can provide those with coronavirus-related lung damage a chance to regain much of their previous lung capacity and to learn to live their life without the full strength of their lungs, giving them the ability to handle many demands.

If you have additional questions, reach out to a local physical therapist.