2 Myths About Treating Burns That Could Hurt You

If you have had several minor burns throughout your life, you may have heard about various ways to treat the pain, as well as speed up the healing process. However, there are a couple of myths surrounding burn treatment that could actually do the opposite and harm you further.

1.  Putting Butter on the Burn Relieves the Pain

One old home remedy for treating a burn that you may have heard from a parent, grandparent, or elderly relative is that putting butter on the burn will soothe the pain and burning sensation. While it may feel as though it is soothing the burn, the butter may actually make things worse.

Because of the high fat content in the butter, it creates a thick layer when it is spread on the skin. This layer does not allow the skin to breathe and interferes with the release of heat from the burn. Since the burn cannot release the heat, the butter may actually keep burning the skin and causing more damage to the tissues.

And, since alternative home remedies to butter as just as thick, such as smearing bacon grease on the burn, the most you should do for a minor burn is to run cool water over it. Even an antibacterial ointment could trap the heat when applied to a fresh burn.

2.  Popping the Burn's Blister Helps It Heal Faster

Another old wives' tale you may have heard about burns involves popping the burn's blister. It is suggested that doing so will help the blister heal faster, as well as relieve the pain caused by the pressure of the fluid inside.

However, you should always try to keep a burn's blister intact. The fluid inside of it is part of your body's natural response. The blister not only helps protect the delicate tissues underneath but the fluid also contains cells that allow the body to heal itself.

If you pop the blister, either on purpose or accidentally, the exposed tissue can become vulnerable to impact. Also, the tear in the skin creates a pathway for bacteria, which will increase the risk of infection.

If you have a minor burn, besides running cool water over it to cool it off, try to protect the area and allow the body to heal itself. However, if you have a severe burn that has affected the tissue underneath the skin, go to a medical clinic that provides burn treatment care to have them examine the area and treat the burn as necessary.