3 Advantages of Lap-Band Over Other Procedures

People who have struggled to lose weight may want to consider bariatric surgery for assistance. One option for surgical weight loss is the lap band. Since the procedure is the least invasive, it has many advantages over other bariatric surgery options.

Ideal for Overweight Patients

You might think bariatric surgery is for people who have hundreds of pounds to lose, but this is untrue. Some people who are considering bariatric options might be considered overweight, but not obese. This means they may not need extensive help to reach a healthy body weight and possibly reverse some weight-related health issues like hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Unlike other bariatric options, the lap band is exclusively done laparoscopically. A laparoscopic option can mean recovery time is less. Since the procedure itself only involves placing the band around the stomach, it is less complex than other procedures and requires less time under anesthesia, which also improves recovery time.


After the lap band is inserted, you will need follow-up visits to have the band adjusted. During your visits, saline is injected into the band through a needle inserted into the skin. This allows the doctor to make the band tighter, thereby increasing the amount of food restriction. Since the band is adjustable, you can have the band tightened if you notice you can consume too much food. Unlike surgeries that abruptly make the stomach smaller, it may be easier to adjust to a new lifestyle if you have more food restriction slowly. Additionally, women who might become pregnant later can have some saline removed from their band to accommodate their increased nutritional needs during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the band can be tightened again to resume or maintain your weight loss.

The Only Reversible Option

You should not view any bariatric procedure as reversible, since the ultimate goal is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Unlike other bariatric procedures, the lap band is reversible, if needed. The stomach and intestines are not affected surgically with this procedure. To have the band removed, another procedure is performed laparoscopically to retrieve the band. There are several reasons people might choose to remove the band, which might include attempting to maintain their weight loss on their own or if they did not lose enough weight and want to try another procedure.

When you are considering bariatric surgery, you may want to start with the lap band procedure. People who have less than 100 pounds to lose before reaching a healthy body weight may find this procedure is best suited for them.