3 Tips For Reducing Pet Allergies

Some people who own pets suddenly develop allergies, which can mean they need to relinquish their pet. Fortunately, whether you currently have a pet or want to have one in the future, there are several ways you can reduce your symptoms.

Do Regular Cleaning

One of the best ways to minimize dander is to establish a regular cleaning schedule that removes allergens from your home. Your best defense is a high-quality vacuum cleaner with hypoallergenic bags to collect debris. Choose a vacuum with several on-board attachments so you can clean cracks and crevices between sofa cushions and your pet's bedding. If you have a carpet or area rugs, you should perform deep cleanings several times each year. You can choose to hire a professional steam cleaning service or you might find it more economical to rent a steam cleaner and deep clean your carpets and upholstery. As part of your cleaning routine it is important to keep your pet groomed with regular brushing to remove dander and shed hairs.

Use The Right Allergies Medicine

Preventing allergies in the beginning is the easiest way to keep them under control. Since there are numerous over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal sprays available that are meant for long-term use, you have many options to try. When choosing a product, take it regularly for a few weeks before you decide whether or not it is effective. You may need to use a combination of antihistamines and nasal steroids to achieve complete relief over various allergy symptoms. If you have tried several active ingredients and none of them seem to work, it is time to discuss prescription options with your doctor.

Consider Immunotherapy

Pet ownership is a long-term responsibility with some animals living 20 years or more. Whenever possible, you should attempt long-term solutions to your allergies, such as immunotherapy. Traditionally, immunotherapy is done in the form of allergy shots which requires regular visits to your allergist or family doctor, often multiple times per week, for a year or more. Although allergy shots can be expensive and tedious, the long-term benefits of having your pet allergies diminished or eliminated, combined with fewer expenses associated with buying antihistamines can make it worth the effort. An increasing number of companies are making sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy for other types of allergies, such as seasonal allergens. Check with your doctor to determine if immunotherapy for pet allergies is available in a sublingual form.

Just because you have allergies does not mean you can never have a pet. Minimizing pet dander in your home and choosing the right treatments can help you live many symptom-free years with your companion. For more information, visit websites like http://www.oakbrookallergists.com.