3 Excellent Benefits Of Purchasing A Walk-In Tub

There are several different kinds of tubs that can be purchased to meet the needs of different individuals. One type of tub that can be incredibly accommodating is a walk-in bathtub. This article is going to discuss 3 great benefits that come along with purchasing a walk-in tub. 

It Reduces Your Risk Of Falling 

One of the most dangerous things about getting in and out of your bathtub is the risk that you have of falling. This happens because as you step up and out of the bathtub, your back foot that is still in the tub, may slip. The foot that you have to lift up and over may also slip on the floor outside of the tub. However, if you have a walk-in tub, this risk is going to be greatly reduced. You are going to be able to drain the entire tub, open the door, and walk right out of of it without having to step over anything. 

There Is Generally A Seat Within The Walk-In Tub 

Those who use a walk-in tub are generally going to be elderly or disabled in terms of mobility. Because of this, they are going to need to get all of the assistance that they can, not only getting in and out of the tub, but also while inside of the tub. The manufacturers of the walk-in tub realize this, so they generally add a seat within the walk-in tub for the person bathing to sit on. This seat is going to be low enough to submerse them in the water if they want a bath, but high enough so that they can get up and down with ease. They can also move off the seat into the lower portion of the tub, if they need to rinse their hair or otherwise completely submerse their upper body in the water. 

The Tub Comes With Hand Rails

Another benefit of purchasing a walk-in tub is the fact that it comes with hand rails as part of the design. These hand rails are going to be located in convenient locations and heights that make them easy to grab and hold onto. While hand rails can be installed with regular tubs, they are going to come separately and will have to be installed separately. Being able to purchase a single tub that has all that you need is going to make things much easier for you.

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