Lower Back Hurt After Deadlifting? Here's What To Do

If your last session at the gym has left you with a bad lower back, then you need to do something about it before you hit the rack again. The worst thing you can do is to get back into the gym and start pumping iron and try and push through the pain. This can leave you with a terrible injury. Below is a list of what you need to do before you even think of returning to your normal exercise plan.

Rest From The Lift

The main thing to do is take an extended rest. Even if you don't think that there is a major muscle pull, you should not force the issue. If you normally do a three day split (3 workouts per week, not on consecutive days) you might want to reduce the number of workout days to two, plus you should completely eliminate the deadlift and squat from the routine. You should basically try and eliminate any lifts that concentrate on the back for the time being. So you might also want to avoid the lat pulldown machine. You can do isolation lifts such as curls and skullcrushers, but it is best stay away from any of the major compound lifts.

Film Your Form To Analyze

Once you are ready to restart lifting, you should get your iPhone out and film yourself doing your lift. This will help you analyze your form and determine if you are rounding your lower back. Any rounding in the lower back is cause for concern. You are stressing the muscles as well as the spine and can cause injury. If you are unable to achieve proper form with your normal weight, reduce the weight on the bar until you can hit a perfect form. Then gradually increase the weight.

Deep Tissue Massage

One way to help with sore muscles after a bad session lifting weight is to get a deep tissue massage. These massages can help work out any tight spots in the muscles that are causing pain. You don't want to go to a masseuse who offers a gentle form of massage such as Swedish massage. A really tight muscle needs vigorous massage, which is why you should seek out a deep tissue masseuse.


If you are really dealing with muscle pain, and it is not something that a massage has alleviated, then you should consider acupressure therapy at a center like Academy Spine & Physical Therapy. The idea here is to use trigger point therapy. An acupressure practitioner will use a more focused type of massage. Instead of doing deep tissue over your entire back, the masseuse will target trigger points that can cause back flame-ups. Some acupressure massage therapists will even focus on meridians. These are the energy points on the body, according the traditional Chinese medicine. If they are "blocked" then they can cause pain and discomfort.