7 Tips For Female Runners With Osteoporosis

If you have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you know that you have a challenging road ahead of you. If you are a runner, that may seem even more literal. Osteoporosis may wear down the bones, leaving you with less bone density than you had before. Over time, this may lead to injuries like broken bones and fractures. If you are a runner, it is even more important that you pay close attention to your bone health.

These tips will help you continue your healthy workout routine if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis:

1. You need to stay loaded up on energy.

You need to eat enough calories to stay fueled up. The more energy your body has, the easier a workout will be on your body -- bones included.

2. Build muscle mass.

The more muscle your body has to protect your bones, the less subjected to loss they may be. It is important to add strength training to your workout, as women with osteoporosis who have more muscle experience less bone density loss.

3. Avoid overtraining, which lowers estrogen levels.

Have you ever found yourself working out so often that you stopped menstruating? If so, you may be overtraining your body. It is essential that you do not allow this to happen, as your levels of estrogen may lower and lead to additional bone loss.

4. You do not have to give up running.

It is typically safe to continue running unless a doctor has advised you otherwise. It is simply important that you continue to improve your overall health at the same time.

5. Don't forget to take your calcium.

Calcium builds strong bones, but there are plenty of sources for it besides dairy. For instance, you can increase your intake of leafy greens like spinach to see an increase in calcium.

6. Are you injured? See the doctor immediately.

Do not wait around to see if the injury will worsen. If you have osteoporosis, you could be doing more damage to your body without realizing it.

7. Vitamin D is essential.

Calcium is not the only nutrient necessary for strong bones. You can also improve your bone health by soaking up the sun, which offers plenty of Vitamin D.

Osteoporosis is something to consider when you are a runner, but it does not have to detract from your fitness routine. On the contrary, it should encourage you to work out in a healthier way. For more information, visit a clinic like Sarasota Arthritis Center.