Why You May Need Medical Help If You Have A Bad Cut On Your Body

If you are working around the house and somehow manage to cut yourself, you may wonder if you should seek help for the wound. Some wounds will require medical treatment while others may not, but it can be hard to know whether or not your wound will need help. Here are several things to know about cuts and making the decision to get professional help.

When do cuts need medical help?

When a cut is deep or long, there is a good chance you may need stitches to fix the wound, whereas minor, small cuts may heal fine on their own. If you look at the wound you have and can see fatty tissue inside your body, you should seek help. You should also seek help if you believe the wound has affected a joint, muscle, or ligament in your body. It may also be wise to seek help if your wound will not stop bleeding.

In addition, it might be wise to get help if the wound was caused by an old rusty object. Rusty equipment, nails, or tools can result in developing tetanus, which is a very serious illness. Tetanus shots are common vaccinations given to children and adults, and they last for 10 years. If you have not had a tetanus shot within the last 10 years and are cut by a rusty object, you should visit a doctor immediately after the accident occurs.

How are wounds treated?

When you visit a doctor for treatment, the doctor will most likely begin by cleaning out the wound. This will typically involve running cold water over the wound for several minutes. The doctor will want to take a good look inside the wound during this time, too, and this is done to see if there are any fragments of debris inside the wound. If so, the doctor will remove them with a tweezers or similar tool.

After that, the doctor is likely to place an antibacterial soap or solution inside the wound. This will kill all the germs and bacteria, and this is necessary before closing up the wound with bandages or stitches. If your wound is deep enough, stitches will be inserted to reattach the skin on both sides of the cut. These stitches may dissolve over time or will need to be removed at a later point in time by the doctor.

If you get a deep cut, you can visit an urgent care center for treatment. These facilities offer convenient hours and fast services, and they can treat a variety of different problems, including cuts.