2 Signs Your Dog Is Ready For Doggy Day Care

Having a dog can provide you with the love and companionship you need to make your life meaningful. Most dog owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of life their dog experiences, and doggy day care could be just the thing your dog needs to be happier and healthier.

If you are wondering whether or not your dog might benefit from some time in a doggy day care, here are two signs to be watching for that will signal your pooch could use some quality time with other dogs.

1. Your dog gets nervous when meeting other dogs for the first time.

Dogs are pack animals by nature, so it's important that they know how to behave when they are interacting with other dogs. If you notice that your dog gets nervous when meeting a new dog for the first time, or begin to see your dog becoming more timid when he or she is in a group of dogs at the dog park, these could be signs that doggy day care will do your pet some good.

In a day care environment your dog will be able to socialize with new dogs and people on a regular basis. Navigating these social situations will give your dog the confidence that he or she needs to interact with a pack of dogs successfully in the future.

2. Your dog begins to chew things he or she shouldn't.

Since your dog cannot talk to you, he or she must find other ways to communicate what they are feeling. Many dog owners have a difficult time interpreting the signs of loneliness their dog exhibits, since these signs can include destructive behaviors. If you notice that your dog begins to chew things that he or she shouldn't, this could be your pet's way of telling you that he or she is lonely.

Dogs crave the companionship of other dogs because they are pack animals. Enrolling your pet in a doggy day care will help you provide the social environment that your dog might be missing, and it will also help you avoid confrontation with your pet when he or she chews out of loneliness.

Doggy day care can provide many benefits for your dog. Socializing with new dogs and people on a regular basis will help your dog maintain his or her confidence and eliminate the feelings of loneliness that can manifest themselves through destructive behaviors in your home. 

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