Tips For Eating At Parties When You're Undergoing Cancer Treatment

When you're undergoing treatment for cancer, chances are good that you are not going to be feeling your best. You might have an upset stomach and be unable to tolerate certain foods or need to stay near a bathroom if you consume anything at all. Your immune system might also be weakened, making the intake of germs a serious problem. This can make going to parties and other social situations difficult because food is one of the major centerpieces of social engagement. Here are some tips for eating at parties when you are undergoing cancer treatment.

1. Eat Before You Leave

The easiest thing to do is to eat before you leave. This will allow you to choose the food that you consume at the party more carefully since you won't be hungry when you get there. It will allow you to be more discerning about what you put in your body since your mind won't be clouded by hunger, and you will have a ready-made excuse for why you are not eating anything should anyone ask.

2. Choose Food That Uses Utensils to Obtain and Is Far Away From the Front

You will want to choose food that you need to use utensils to obtain, such as potato salad or anything else that is too messy to eat with your hands. This will minimize the likelihood that you will come into contact with other people's germs because no one will actually be touching the food. If there is nothing that needs utensils to serve and eat, then make sure that you choose food near the back or center of the table to minimize the chances that children touched the food. Children are notoriously bad at hygiene and will be less likely to have washed their hands before touching the food. Avoiding the foods that they had easy access to will help you protect yourself.

3. Keep Track of How Long Foods Are Out

Foods like meat and dairy products can spoil if they are left out for too long. Your immune system might not be able to handle this. Try to keep watch on the foods when they are put out and judge how long they have been out. If you don't know, simply avoid that dish and stick with foods that will not go bad.

For more information, talk to an oncologist from a clinic like Southwest Oncology Centers. He or she will likely have tips as well.