Four Tips To Prevent Pain After A Dental Bonding Procedure

In a dental bonding procedure, a dentist applies white paste to tooth cracks and stains. When it hardens, this paste will resemble unblemished enamel and dramatically improve the attractiveness of your smile. But if you decide to get dental bonding done on your teeth, you'll need to follow these four tips to help prevent pain from developing after the procedure.

Let Tap Water Warm Up To Room Temperature Before Drinking It

Even after the white paste on your teeth hardens, it will still take a while for it to fuse properly with the enamel on your teeth. Until it does, your teeth will be extra sensitive to both very hot and very cold liquids.

So if it's wintertime and you want to drink some tap water, make sure that you give it plenty of time to warm up to room temperature before you drink it. If you don't do this, you'll feel a sudden and intense flash of pain the moment you drink the cold water.

Don't Ignore A Sore Throat

If your dental bonding procedure includes a lot of work near your gum line, any oral infection you get will be extra painful before your teeth get acclimated to bonding paste. Therefore, if you notice any early sign of an infection, such as a sore throat or lymph node aching, don't hesitate to buy any over-the-counter medication you need to suppress the symptom.

Make Sure To Bite Softly For A Few Days

For a few days after your procedure, biting too hard will cause some of the bonding paste on the edges of your teeth to chip off incrementally. In order to avoid this, diligently watch how hard you're biting down on your food for a few days.

Avoid Squishy Foods Like Blueberries For Your First Meal

Since squishy foods have a tendency to dissolve into slush while they're being eaten, you should avoid them completely immediately after your dental bonding procedure. If you don't, some of the slush will inevitably make it into loose cracks between your teeth and the bonding paste. Over time, slush will drip down to your bottom gum line and cause dull but reoccurring pain.

When it's done right, a dental bonding procedure is one of the most cost-effective ways to fix any imperfections in your smile. When you have proper prudence, it also isn't too hard to avoid any unpleasant problems with bonding paste. For more information, contact Ahwatukee Foothills Dental or a similar location.