The Aging Nose: Rhinoplasty Can Achieve Youthful Results For Seniors

Most people assume that cosmetic surgery is only for young or possibly even middle-aged individuals. This is often because these individuals are in better health. Although not as common as with younger individuals, it is possible for older individuals to undergo cosmetic surgery, including rhinoplasty. Here is why a senior may want to have a nose job, the risk that they face and what's considered when determining whether they are a candidate for the procedure.

How Does Aging Affect the Nose's Appearance

As you age, the skin will begin to lose elasticity, which causes tissue to weaken and stretch. Gravity tends to also take over. This causes the tip of the nose to droop. This may result in the appearance of a hump on the nose. More than likely, it was always there but it was not noticeable.

How a Nose Job Can Help Correct Issues with the Nose

There are a number of things that rhinoplasty can do for an older patient. If the tip of the nose is the primary problem, then nasal tip rhinoplasty can be performed. In some cases, it may be combined with other anti-aging procedures in order to help rejuvenate the face as a whole.

In addition, a nose job can help improve or correct aesthetic issues or even functional problems. This includes anything from a nose that is too small or too big to turbinate hypertrophy and deviated septum.

Potential Risks of Rhinoplasty in Older Adults

The older you are, the more risks that are involved. This is true with a nose job as well as any other type of surgery. Although a nose job is a safe surgery, older patients will have to undergo very rigorous medical exams. Some of the common risks you may endure include poor wound healing, complications with anesthesia and more prone to infection.

Because of the potential risks that are involved with older patients and nose jobs, it is common to stick to subtle changes. This is to reduce the difficulty of the procedure, which thereby reduces the risks and increases the likelihood of a good outcome. As long as you follow the pre- and post-op instructions provided to you by your surgeon, the surgery should go smoothly with little to no complications.

Are You a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

No matter how old you are, if rhinoplasty is something that you are considering, it is crucial that you sit down and speak to a professional surgeon. You need to undergo consultations and find a skilled surgeon like Upper Cape Ear Nose & Throat who can create natural-looking, beautiful results.