3 Ways To Help Your Toddler Have Good Dental Health

It can be especially difficult to help your toddler have good dental health because they do not always want to brush their teeth. Here are 3 simple ways to create good dental habits and health so that your child has healthy teeth.

Fluoride Drops

First, make sure that you are giving fluoride drops to your child if your water does not already contain this solution. Fluoride strengthens teeth and helps them to stay resistant to cavities. 

Also, fluoride should be started when your child is young and still has his or her baby teeth because the fluoride will strengthen the adult teeth that have not yet surfaced. You can get fluoride drops from your dentist or from your child's pediatrician. 

One of the best ways to give this liquid to your child is by adding it to his or her water. It is almost tasteless, so he or she should not notice a little drop spread throughout a bottle of water.


Second, let your child learn how to brush his or her teeth by watching you brush. You are your child's greatest example, so he or she is more likely to do what you do if your child gets to watch you brush twice a day.

You can also let your child brush your teeth by holding onto the toothbrush with you. Show your child how to brush all sides of the teeth, your gums, and your tongue, and then let him or her look in the mirror while doing the same to his or her own teeth.

This might seem too simple, but it can make all of the difference when your child is able to brush without your supervision. Far fewer cavities should occur if they know the right ways to brush. You can also give an electric toothbrush to your toddler to make sure that the brushing is even more effective.

Time of Brushing

Lastly, make sure that you teach your child to brush at the right times. For example, it is not wise to brush as soon as he or she gets done eating sugar or drinking an acidic drink. The reason for this is that when your child consumes sugar or acidic drinks, the sugar and acid can work and wear away on the teeth. 

If he or she brushes right after consuming these items, the sugar and acid can actually wear on the teeth more because the brush is rubbing these ingredients into the enamel. Instead, let your child drink some water and wait a few minutes before brushing, and this will solve the problem.

By doing these 3 things, your child can create good dental habits and will have strong, healthy teeth. For more ideas and tips, talk to your family dentist