How Retaining A Chiropractor Can Help Your Moving Business

Moving men sometimes act in a variety of capacities when they do their jobs. They have to lift other people's furniture and personal items, pack and unpack the truck as well as drive the truck to the new destination and back. All of these activities can put a strain on the musculoskeletal system and especially on the muscles of the neck, arms and back. In order to retain fully functional workers, it might do your business a world of good to keep a chiropractor from a clinic like North Pole Chiropractic on retainer.

Money, money, money

You could argue that chiropractors are expensive and that this is an unnecessary cost to your business. However, if you crunch the numbers, it is possible that you will find that hiring a chiropractor might actually save you money. Musculoskeletal illnesses account for an estimated 33 percent of work related illnesses resulting in sick days for full time workers with the average days away from work mounting up to 8 work days. This translates to you getting your share (often) of the estimated $576 billion that sick days costs the economy per year. 

Having a chiropractor on retainer which might cost between $34 to $106 per session (depending on services and location) can hardly compare to what you would be losing in sick days. A chiropractor would possibly be able to reduce this by performing spinal and muscle adjustments when needed. That would help your employees remain on the job.

Set the pace to productivity 

Chiropractors do more than just take care of occupational injury. It is reported that in treating the spinal and musculoskeletal issues, they actually help in general wellness of the body. The well-being that is associated with chiropractic treatments has been reported to lead to approximately 51 percent less dependence on pharmaceutical assistance and a 43 percent reduction in hospital admissions. This improved state of wellness can also be expected to result in a rise in the work productivity of your employees.

Since work output increases exponentially when employees are well and healthy, retaining a chiropractor might just be the Workplace Wellness Program that you need to employ. Another added advantage is that when employees see their bosses take an interest in their well-being they are more likely to take the additional personal steps to safeguard their own health. This could mean a reduction in poor lifestyle choices that also affect the heath of approximately 40 percent of workers.