Out With A Bang: Thoughtful And Inexpensive Alternatives To A Typical Funeral

It's a sad fact, but everyone will eventually need a funeral. Everyone wants to be remembered well, but funeral costs can add stress to friends and family when you pass. Fortunately, you can take steps ahead of time to make your passing less stressful and more memorable. If you want to make a difference in the world when you eventually shuffle off the mortal coil, you may just be able to save your family a little money as an added bonus:

Donate Your Body To Science

Did you know you can donate your body to scientific research and donate organs to needy patients at the same time? By double-dipping your donor registrations, you could save several lives and advance research in any number of areas when you eventually pass, making a permanent contribution to the well-being of mankind.

Donating your body has financial perks for those you leave behind as well. When your body is donated, the organization that uses it for research or education will handle preparing and cremating it on your family's behalf. Your ashes will be returned to those who survive you after a few weeks, and the only cost they'll need to pay will be for an urn. If you request your ashes be spread somewhere important to you, they may not even need to go to that small expense either.

Give Yourself A Green Sendoff

If you care about the environment, you probably don't want your funeral to contribute to continued pollution. However, caskets are rarely fully capable of biodegrading, and embalming fluids can seep into the environment after years of being buried. Fortunately, some funeral homes now offer Eco-friendly funerals that minimize your environmental footprint. During these burials, the body is left in its natural state and wrapped in materials that will degrade naturally underground and leave no chemicals or metals to show for it.

As an added bonus, a biodegradable burial shroud or wool coffin can be as inexpensive as $40 and rarely costs more than $400, which will make your funeral highly affordable for the ones you leave behind. Eco-friendly funerals are almost always direct burials as well, which helps to limit costs by skipping the embalming and visitation.

Whether you want to have a positive impact on the world or leave no trace at all, choosing unorthodox forms of burial may be able to save your friends and family thousands of dollars. Not to mention, they'll always remember how much you cared for both the health of your fellow man and the world he lives in.

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