Relieving Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from lower back pain, you are most likely looking for ways to relieve the pain regularly. There are several reasons why someone might suffer from pain in the back, from an injury to extended standing or sitting. Here are are a few things that you can try yourself to relieve pain in your back.

See A Doctor First

If you are experiencing a good deal of back pain on a daily basis, you should see a doctor. There may be an underlying problem that will not heal if you continue to leave it unattended. You can let your primary doctor know, and they may refer you to a chiropractor to have further assessment on the back area.

A chiropractor will be able to determine if the back pain is something that can be relieved using methods in the office to realign the spine. The doctor would use a series of movements to relieve stress from your spine.

Hot And Cold

If you had an injury to the back, you will need to hold off on using any heating methods on your back until after any inflammation has been reduced. Start off by using cooling packs on your back to help reduce this inflammation. Leave a cold compress on the affected area for about twenty minutes, and repeat several times a day for help in relieving pain.

After a couple of days, you will be able to start using heat. If you did not have an injury, you can use a heating method right away, if desired. Use a heating pad for twenty-minute increments to help relieve back pain. Some people prefer using heated water to relieve the pain, so if you have a hot tub available for use, this may be a huge help. A hot bath can also be relieving.

Everyday Movements

Make a conscience effort to try to change any habits that you do daily, that can be harming your back. When you lift an item, make sure you are putting weight on your legs instead of your back. When sitting at a desk, avoid slumping over to see your computer. Make sure you have an ergonomic approved chair and use a foot rest to help take stress off of your back when sitting.

Try doing some simple exercise to help with back pain. Stretching, yoga moves and taking short walks can be good for helping your back. You need to keep your back muscles healthy by doing exercise to help strengthen your back, rather than lying in bed trying to avoid moving.