Advice For Attorneys Dealing With Personal Injury Evaluations For Their Clients

If you're an attorney trying to manage a personal injury case for a client, you may need to have a personal injury evaluation conducted. This is typically done to assess psychological damage caused by accidents. If you're an attorney about to have a client go through this evaluation process, remember a couple of things.

Find a Forensic Evaluator

Who performs this personal injury evaluation matters because it will affect the results and the validity of those results that you'll use to help clients dealing with personal injury cases. You need to find a forensic evaluator in particular because they'll be accustomed to the procedures that these evaluations involve.

They'll also provide an unbiased medical evaluation on your client so that you get conclusive results on psychological damage from an accident either way. There won't be any bias that would prevent the results of this examination from being used in court.

Make Sure Evaluations Occur Over Different Time Periods

With a lot of psychological injuries caused by accidents like car collisions, you're not able to effectively evaluate the effects with just a snapshot of one time period. Rather, you need to look at these effects over a period of time to see how events truly affect victims.

As such, make sure you have a personal injury evaluation conducted over different periods of time. Your forensic evaluator will know which intervals are appropriate based on what you're looking to have assessed and why. Then the results of each evaluation can be combined into one report that's more effective at telling the story.

Look For Multiple Breakdowns From Different Medical Professionals

To strengthen the results of personal injury evaluations for clients that need them, you need to make sure the evaluations capture multiple sources of information from different professionals. That's going to give you a complete picture of what's wrong with your clients when trying to build their personal injury cases.

Whereas if you just used information from one medical examiner, you're limited in the way you can use results from one of these evaluations. You can confirm this aspect beforehand with the team that's carrying out the personal injury evaluation. 

A personal injury evaluation is an important service that attorneys can use to find out more about their clients and injuries they've sustained after accidents. If you approach these evaluations correctly, they will be more impactful and lead to better legal outcomes. 

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