Is Your Snoring Driving Your Military Unit Crazy? Ask For Treatment

Joining the military provides people with a large number of possible benefits. However, somebody who snores in the military may end up experiencing problems with others in their unit. As a result, snoring treatment is important to consider if you are in this position.

Bunkmates May Hate A Person's Snoring

After joining the military and starting up in basic training, there is a good chance you're going to be spending a lot of time with the same few people. And these people are going to be pretty hard on you if you snore excessively during the night.

This fact is especially true if you tend to fall asleep earlier than others or if your snoring is loud enough to wake up other people. Making enemies in the forces is never good, so you need to fully understand what is happening here and why you are snoring.

Why You Are Snoring

Though it might not seem fair for your bunkmates to get mad at you for snoring, their frustration is understandable. Having to wake up early is never easy in the military, and keeping your bunkmates up is something that will cause severe frustration. Therefore, you need to understand a few reasons why people snore, such as the following:

  • Obstructions in the airway
  • Obesity
  • Poor sleep posture

These simple issues are typically easy to handle. Most people in the military are not going to be obese due to the physical demands of the career. Therefore, they may need to seriously consider asking for treatment from specialists outside of the military.

The Military May Help With Treatment

Few people in the military understand that their unit is likely to help them get treatment for problems such as excessive snoring. For example, your military insurance will pay for snoring treatments to open up your airways or to improve your sleep posture in a variety of ways.

Most of these procedures will have to be pursued outside of the medical confines of your base, though, as most military communities won't have sleep doctors on staff. Thankfully, they should be willing to help you out here, particularly if your issue otherwise affects your military success.

As you can see, there are many different ways that a person can manage their problematic snoring. So if you are in the military and are sick of getting yelled at for your snoring, seriously consider talking to a doctor in your unit about getting treatment.